About Us

About  Us

      Shenzhen science and technology co., LTD. Is a business enterprise in shenzhen grow up local Internet enterprise, dedicated to provide first-class quality goods to give electronic commerce integrated services. And give service set overseas credit card accept single risk control, directional promotion, e-commerce platform construction, network foundation business as a whole, to provide e-commerce solution.
     And to give all of the products and services are independent research and development, at present its has directional promotion www.netding.com, YourSPay credit card accept single risk control system www.yourspay.com, directional network platform construction www.ntoall.com, mobile Internet dual mode online platform www.ctoshop.com, wind control through the data center, www.idcsouth.com, and other products brand, and to give a combination of corporate portal (www.ctoall.com).
     At present the network has become to give shenzhen futian district international e-commerce industrial park of the leading enterprises; "Shenzhen brand netvigator" brand promotion activities backbone enterprise. In the future, and to give will be based in shenzhen, to create a national first-class, the first-class quality goods e-commerce comprehensive service company.
     And give to talent for this, gathered a group of leading domestic e-commerce experts, financial experts and communication experts. At present the company professional service team of nearly 150 people, including key engineering colleges and universities graduates the undergraduate course graduate, and nearly in guangzhou, fujian, sichuan and Beijing respectively set up branch companies, further development of domestic e-commerce market.